Golf in Scotland – Classy Golf Courses with Outstanding Features

Scotland is the rightful birthplace of golf, because the first written golfing rules, first tournament structure, and first golf courses and clubs were, established in the country.

10 regions in Scotland provide about 500 golf courses. 94 amazing golf courses were introduced in Glasgow while 67 courses were introduced in Edinburgh, which is the second most populated region of Scotland. Scopes have been developed for the introduction of more courses.

If you are a golf lover, you might want to check out the internet for some interesting Scotland golf packages. You will get a lot of information about the leading travel agencies that organize golfing in Scotland. These firms provide information on golf course along with package costs and benefits. Most of their packages come with top accommodation facilities for your convenience. Opportunity of playing golf in Scotland is something that a golfer should never miss.

 Golf courses in Scotland

If you are a true golf lover, explore the net for Scotland golf packages and grab one for your next vacation. The experience will be something that you will never ever forget. Some of the excellent golf courses in Scotland include Glasgow Gailes, Prestwick, Royal Troon, Turnberry, Western Gailes, and many others.

Royal Troon – One Of the leading golf courses in Scotland:

Willie Fernie, early British golfer established Royal Troon in the year 1878. Today, it is rated among the best golf courses in the world. The course’s Motto, “As Much by Skill as by Strength” appropriately describes it. Many champions like Tom Werskop, Arnold Palmer, and Bobby Locke have had the pleasure of savoring their victory here. Royal Troon is the one of the best courses, where you can polish your golf skills.

Various luxurious hotels like Piersland house hotel, High grove house hotel, Marine Highland Hotel, Turnberry hotel, and many others are located within easy travel distance away from such golf courses.

Glasgow – Amazing golf course with world class luxuries:

Willie Park designed Glasgow in the year 1912. This 6513 yards course is the ninth oldest club in the entire world. Different open championships are occasionally organized here. Situated at Ayrshire coast, the course lies few kilometers away from Glasgow. Names of many champions are associated with Glasgow Gailes. The course offers a spacious practice area, warm reception, excellent club facilities, pro shopping, and great food. You will love your golfing experience at this place.

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